York Catholic District School Board Recognizes World Mental Health Day October 10

October 10th is World Mental Health Day.  The York Catholic District School Board recognizes the importance of increasing awareness of the early signs of child and youth mental health problems; decreasing stigma; and understanding that help is available. We are strongly committed to promoting Mental Well-Being in all our students.

The statistics are alarming. One in five Ontario children and youth has a mental health problem - that's about 500,000 kids. Because of the strong link between mental health and student achievement some of these students will not achieve their full academic potential. In addition, 80 per cent of students will not receive appropriate treatment because of various barriers, including stigma.
In 2013, the Board began the implementation of its comprehensive Mental Health and Addiction Strategy with a focus on:

building optimal organizational conditions to support mental health and well-being; and

building staff capacity in the understanding and awareness of mental health and addiction issues.

The overall objective is to achieve better mental health and academic outcomes for all of our students.

Last year we invited students in the elementary and secondary panel to participate in a Board-wide Mental Health Video Contest to promote Mental Health and Well-Being among YCDSB staff, parents and students.

For more information about the York Catholic District School Board's Mental Health initiatives and for helpful resources and tips, visit the Mental Health section of the website.