St. Mary in Nobleton unveils its new Buddy Bench

On June 17th St. Mary Catholic Elementary School in Nobleton celebrated the unveiling of its new playground addition, a Buddy Bench. In attendance for the celebration were Trustee Elizabeth Crowe, King Mayor Steve Pellegrini, Local Councillor David Boyd, local No Frills owner and bench donator John Ciarallo, and Deacon Milan from St. Mary's Parish who blessed the bench. To conclude the ceremony, the school's students surrounded the bench and the Glee Club sang a hymn.

Buddy Benches have grown in popularity in recent years. A Buddy Bench encourages students to support one another in an effort to eliminate exclusion and to develop friendships. If a student does not have anyone to play with, they can go to the Buddy Bench, and when other students see someone at the Buddy Bench, they then know that they should invite that student to play with them.