Students explore the magic of 3D Printing

Good Shepherd CES students in Mrs. Veri-Roy's grade 4/5 class explored the creative exploration of 3D design and printing this month. Students worked collaboratively on designing innovative 3D structures of a building on Tinkercad, a 3D online design website. Once designs were complete, students and staff were able to view the printing on the school's MakerBot Replicator Mini. The grade 4s and 5s created 3D buildings that would be found in a city. They were tasked with implementing a particular number/variation of shapes, angles, lines of symmetry and scale into their elaborate designs. Good Shepherd now has a 3D printed city filled with houses, a library, a castle, a construction site, a temple, business buildings and various stores. This activity incorporated a hands on experience for students to explore different mathematical concepts and visual works of art while working with their peers. Mrs. Veri-Roy explains, "it was amazing to watch how focused and engaged my students were throughout the entire process. I was blown away by their creative ideas and how they quickly learned to manipulate shapes to design their desired structure - their talents and skills were definitely inspirational." When students were asked of the benefits they experienced from 3D printing, Briar, a grade 4 student replied, "The 3D printer is amazing. It's taught me how to design things online and helped us with our math. It is one of the coolest things I've seen!" Students were thrilled to watch their designs print right in front of them as Clare, a grade 4 student explained, "when you print it's like you conquered the world!"

The excitement from 3D printing is contagious at Good Shepherd and now other classrooms are continuing to explore designs and printing themselves. Good Shepherd thanks Amy Eastwood, who works at Innisfil IdeaLAB and Library, for training staff on 3D printing and providing support on their first day of printing.

Good Shepherd looks forward to more opportunities to print and have students explore the magic of 3D printing in the future!