St. Elizabeth's Illuminati Visual Arts Exhibition sparkles

Illuminati, St. Elizabeth Catholic High School's annual showcase of visual art took place on Thursday, May 12, 2016.  The exhibition encompassed all the variables within the visual arts discipline, such as, sculpting, painting, drawing, printmaking and media. Both Comprehensive and Regional Arts Students were involved in the exhibition.  The exhibition took place beginning in the ramp area leading to the theatre, continuing into the theatre lobby and fully realized itself within the cavernous space of the theatre proper.

The larger installations in the show featured a portrait ensemble of the school's Grade 12 Regional Arts Students that will be displayed until next year's exhibition, along with large Disagreeable Object combination of entities constructed by the Grade 10 Regional Arts Program (RAP) students.  The Grade 11 RAP students took inspiration from Mary Pratt and created some dazzling perceptions of foil, fish and fruit.  While the artworks captured our imaginations, it was the award recipients that made the staff most proud.  They embodied the characteristics, effort and attitude we wish to be carried forth in years to come.

Distinguished guests attending this years' exhibition included: Cathy Ferlisi, Trustee; John Heinrich, Principal; Vice Principals, Eleonora Morcos and Sandra Abate; Prof. Bill Thomas, Chair of Music at York University; and members of the St. Elizabeth Catholic School Council.

The Illuminati exhibition was a wonderful and exciting event enjoyed by all and it will be a benchmark against which to measure and strive to surpass next year. It also reaffirmed the quality and quantity of outstanding artwork created by the school's Visual Arts Students.