Student-led Diversity Day at St. Anne CES was a success

St. Anne Catholic Elementary School in Richmond Hill recently held a Diversity Day. The Diversity Day was the brainchild of two Grade 8 students, Rachel D. and Dennis J. who were inspired to promote inclusion and the benefits of diversity in their school, after reading Daniel's Story, a novel by Carol Matas that tells the story of a boy's experience during the Holocaust.

The students wanted to portray the message that love should always love prevail, so they devised a project for the entire intermediate division. Students were given a country to research and learn about. The reasoning behind this additional research project was that if students learned more about a country, they would gain more respect, understanding and compassion for the people of that country, and in turn, show respect for each other's cultures at school and in the community.

After conducting their research, the students designed very creative information boards and are presented them to the rest of the school, so they too, could learn more about other nations and people. This provided a great opportunity for the intermediate students to develop their leadership and presentation skills.

St. Anne congratulates Rachel, Dennis and all of the intermediate students for their great work.