St. Catherine of Siena students raise awareness about autism

students pose at their ice cream shopStudents from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School in Woodbridge participated in their school's Autism Awareness Month Campaign Kick-off in April! To start, all students wore blue clothing to highlight Autism Awareness. Students also participated in various activities throughout the month of April which led to a harmonious fusion of extensive functional life activities, including fine and gross motor development, safety awareness and preparation of daily activities interwoven with autism awareness.

Included in these activities was a fundraiser spearheaded, coordinated and promoted by the school's exceptional students by way of daily announcements, posters and classroom visits. As part of the fundraiser, the students transformed the Core Resource Classroom into their very own SCS Ice Cream Fun Land! All proceeds raised from the month's fundraising will be sent to Autism Ontario, York Region Chapter.  Through Autism Ontario, the funds facilitate the promotion of autism awareness, inclusion, self-determination for all and, moreover, assure that each person with ASD is provided with the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

"St. Catherine of Siena is a small school with a big heart," said Evonne Carafa, Core Resource Teacher. "St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School is such a special community where everyone comes together to support the growth of all their students through community events. There is a great support team of parents, guardians, teachers and educational assistants. This on-going support creates the sense of togetherness throughout the year with Jesus as our inspiration."

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