Website launch for the ICAN - Inclusive Community Ambassador Network

ICAN – the Inclusive Community Ambassador Network - is proud to announce its new website has launched and is available as a resource for teachers and staff. The Twitter handle, @ican_makeadiff has also launched!

ICAN is a proactive initiative that addresses student well-being and perceptions, while creating sustainable compassion, empathy, and validation of all students. ICAN can assist as a social justice tool in schools and classrooms to give a voice to students who may feel marginalized or isolated. The ICAN initiative encompasses the six C’s (Catholic Character, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Communication, and Citizenship), in its approach to creating inclusive communities.

The Inclusive Community Ambassador Network can help students feel valued, affirmed and an integral part of their school community. It can also assist in creating safe and caring school environments, help deal with bullying, and foster inclusion.

Follow ICAN on Twitter @ican_makeadiff and visit the ICAN website to learn more about this interactive resource for administrators, teacher, staff and students.

ICAN thanks St. Gregory the Great CES Teacher, Domenic Loiero, and his student tech team for all of their hard work supporting the ICAN initiative.

Download the ICAN brochure