St. Raphael the Archangel students visit Vaughan's City Hall

Grade 2 students from St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Elementary School in Maple recently visited Vaughan's City Hall as part of their social studies class. Students compared their community to other global communities, discussing things such as culture, food, and climate.

The trip consisted of a tour of ┬áCity Hall from Mirella Tersigni in the Recreation and Culture Department. Students enjoyed learning about Vaughan’s history and had the chance to view old videos, photos and artifacts from the Archives Department. A highlight of the trip was the Remembrance Day interactive activity and peace wall in the facility’s atrium. Students also enjoyed a poster colouring and writing activity where they had the chance to envision what Vaughan will look like in the future!

This was the first time the Vaughan City Hall had coordinated a tour for a primary class, and the school thanks the city for being a gracious host.