Auschwitz survivor tells her story at Mother Teresa CES

On November 3rd, Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School in Markham welcomed Magda Hilf, a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Intermediate students at the school listened intently as Hilf provided a first person account of her experiences at Auschwitz, which included the loss of her entire family.

Magda Hilf was born in Czechoslovakia in 1922. In 1944, Magda's family was deported to Auschwitz where Magda's parents, sister and her children were sent to the gas chambers. She survived the infamous death march during the last weeks of the war -- the sole survivour of her family.

After Auschwitz, Magda spent seven months in Markleberg, Germany, working in an airplane parts factory. Magda immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1953. She worked for almost four years in a factory and then for five years as a filing clerk helping her husband, who would later establish, Hilkron Steel, a steel construction factory. Almost 20 years ago, Magda began speaking to students about her experiences with the Holocaust.