St. Stephen’s Ed-Tech Days

St. Stephen CES hosted its first-ever EdTech Days on June 10th and 11th. The event was organized by members of the school’s 21st Century Learning Team, but was led by the school’s students.

All school-year long, St. Stephen students used technology in their classrooms to enrich their learning and they used the two-day event as an opportunity to showcase their unique work and skills to the entire school. 

On a rotating schedule, every classroom was invited to the library in order to witness the work of the technology-driven students and also to learn some valuable tech-tips along the way. Organized into 15 stations, the EdTech Days included almost 40 student presenters who highlighted 14 programs or apps.  Furthermore, a special Discovery Centre was setup with multiple iPads, which visiting students used to apply their learning. 

St. Stephen CES thanks Jennifer Casa-Todd and Scott Boland from the Board’s 21st Century Learning Team; the tech-savvy students at St. Stephen, and teachers, Mr. Grossi, Mr. Pacheco, Ms. Alonzi, Ms. Bagnara, Ms. Dupuis, and Ms. Gaio for their hard work and dedication.