St Anne students help raise funds to build a well in Brazil

In the fall, students in Ms. Simonetta-Magee’s Grade 8 class at St. Anne Catholic Elementary School in Richmond Hill learned about various global issues including: the environment, human rights, cultural differences, sustainable living, and quality of life.  Students were then asked to make a ‘real world connection’ with one of these issues and create an action plan.

Students soared to the challenge. Some of the action plans included: sponsoring a child from another country, joining the World Wildlife Federation to help save an endangered species, saving energy by giving up technology for a week, and holding a garage sale to raise money for charity.

The students were keen to bring their plans to fruition.  Although all of the suggested activities were important, the class decided upon one initiative that caught everyone's attention and imagination -- to find a way to provide clean water to a small village in Brazil. The students then decided that they were going to sell popcorn to raise the money for a group led by Father Marco to dig a clean water well in the Brazilian village.

This spring, St. Anne Catholic Elementary School, along with Holy Family Catholic Elementary School in Englehart and two private donors, were notified by Father Marco that they each had a stake in the construction of a 72-metre-deep well that provides the entire village of Riacho da Onca (Panther’s Creek) with safe, clean drinking water.

Congratulations to the Grade 8 students at St. Anne’s for being true global citizens!