St Cecilia FDK students fundraise for orphanage in Kenya

"To live charitably means not looking out for our own interest but carrying the burdens of the weakest and poorest among us."

Pope Francis

In early March, Ms. Cicinelli and Ms. Badiali began reading the picture books written by Eric Walters, one of Canada's well known authors, to their Kindergarten class. They are the true stories of children who live at The Rolling Hills Residence, an orphanage in the Mbooni District of Kenya in Africa. Mr. Walters, along with his wife Anita, and Ruth and Henry Kyatha, are the co-founders of The Creation of Hope, an organization which provides housing, food, school fees, uniforms, beds and livestock to the orphans from this area, who have come to live there. The Kindergarten children had so many questions about these real life stories of children in Kenya and wanted to know how they could help. After much research and discussion the children decided to raise money to send to the orphanage. For 3 days they sold lemonade to the teachers in the school and their parents. On May 8th when Eric Walters visited St. Cecilia, the Kindergarten children in Ms. Cicinelli and Ms. Badiali's class presented him with a cheque for $700. The overwhelming generosity of their parents and the teachers allowed Mr. Walters to buy 6 children at the orphanage new mattresses for their beds and he was able to fully fund his orphanage for 4 days. On May 26th the class received these pictures from the children at the orphanage.