Artist Rendering in honour of Asian Heritage Month

Jean Vanier teacher Christina Kim draws a portrait of her parents in honour of Asian Heritage Month. She says:

This is a portrait of my parents, standing behind the counter of a convenience store they have owned and operated for nearly thirty years. Like many Korean immigrants, our family ran a convenience store, where we learned about Canadian culture through the products we sold: pancakes, maple syrup, cranberry sauce and gravy. I wanted to draw a portrait of my parents through the eyes of our customers to see what they see at the counter. The corner store is a landscape that is familiar to me -- I know the routines, the hours of operation that dictate labour and leisure, and the handwritten signs announcing special sales. This portrait represents the first wave of Korean immigrants who have become a permanent fixture in many communities across Canada. In my work, I draw, cut, and layer illustrations to explore the boundaries between the public sphere and private lives.

portrait depicts a man and woman standing behind the counter at the store