10th Annual Love of Dance Showcase

This spring, 29 junior and intermediate school dance teams gathered at the YCDSB Centre of the Arts theatre to celebrate their 'love of dance'.  Having a dance background was not a requirement for participation because the goal of the showcase was to:

  • Increase understanding and knowledge of the Ontario dance curriculum
  • Increase daily physical activity through team dances
  • Engage students in ways to express and interpret our monthly Catholic virtues

"Justice is not building walls of fear and prejudice but about building bridges through respect and dignity. We hope that one day all people will stand united and be accepting of others, as we are all made in the image of God,"  said ¬†Joseph Liu and Colin Wong of St. Justyn Martyr as they introduced their team performance. "It was really beautiful and heartwarming to hear how and why each school interpreted the Virtues," said Nicole Lazar, Arts Consultant and emcee for the event.  "All students were very united both on and off stage, despite the various levels of dance skills that may have been amongst the team."

Each day of the showcase, a junior team and intermediate team who represented their school well and also gave the performance that best reflected their chosen virtue through dance, were selected to receive a Virtue Award.  Teams that best showcased the elements of space, energy, and relationships were also recognized.

Adjudicators for "The Love of Dance" showcase were YCDSB teachers who have an extensive dance background: Carly Carrigan of St. Brigid, Lolita Leva of St. Mary of the Angels, and Shereese Caspersz of St. Michael Catholic Academy. In between deliberations, two students from each team were invited on stage to improvise to a piece of music in a different cultural style heard for the very first time that day.  While exploring that cultural style of music, students were to emphasize a secret element of dance in which the audience had to guess. "I am really proud of all the students who participated in the improv segment," said Caspersz.  "While challenging to most, it allows students to grow and explore their creativity."

A special thank you to the St. Elizabeth Grade 11 RAP dance class and their teacher, Janine Di Millo for their guest performances.

Congratulations to all participating schools: Notre Dame, St. Stephen, St. Brendan, Canadian Martyrs, St. Brigid, St. Mary, St. Padre Pio, St. Justyn Martyr, Our Lady of Annunciation, St. Joseph (Aurora), Holy Spirit, St. Cecilia, St. Mary of the Angels, St. Joseph the Worker, Pope Francis, St. Marguerite D'Youville, Corpus Christi, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Clare.

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