High school students 'Reach for the Top'

St. Augustine Catholic High School in Markham hosted the York Regional Finals for the 'Reach for the Top' trivia competition on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

Schools from YCDSB and YRDSB competed in the trivia event including: St. Augustine CHS, coached by Ms. Iorio and Ms. DeLosSantos; St. Brother Andre CHS, coached by: Ms. Butash and Ms. Chan-Garcia; Father Bressani CHS, coached by Ms. Girardo; Sacred Heart CHS, coached by Mr. DiGiovanni; St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS, coached by Mr. Merante, and St. Robert CHS, coached by: Mr. Zmak.

"A Reach for the Top team always has their fingers on the buzzer, ready to spring into action," said Christina Iorio, St. Augustine's Reach for the Top coach. "Skilled in trivia, senior teams sharpened their knowledge in history, geography, literature, sports and science. Congratulations to all teams that participated."

St. Robert CHS, St. Theresa of Liseiux CHS, Sacred Heart CHS and St. Brother Andre CHS all held onto their top 10 positions.