St. Gregory the Great wins the Division 1 Unity Cup

The 5th Area 3 Unity Cup Ice Hockey season has come to a successful close. 16 Woodbridge area schools participated, which included approximately 250 Grade 6, 7, and 8 students.

The excellent hockey season was punctuated by games that were action-packed, fun-filled and featured a high level of skill, fair play and unity. 

Many thanks to all of the parents and the coaches for their commitment and to G. Piccone, R. Litrenta and V. Garofalo for organizing the league.

Congratulations to St. Gregory the Great on winning the Division 1 championship and St. Agnes of Assisi for winning the Division 2 championship!

  • Division 1 winners: St. Gregory the Great

  • Division 2 winners: St. Agnes of Assisi