St. Stephen CES wins the Area 3 Unity Cup

Congratulations to the St. Stephen CES hockey team which recently won the Third Annual Area 3 Unity Cup.

This 2015 Unity Cup Hockey Tournament was the most successful yet! It featured teams from 13 Area 3, schools, and a team from Area 1. Most of the schools are located throughout the City of Vaughan. This year, three new schools joined the tournament, including the first place winners, St. Stephen CES, which racked up the most points over the course of the hockey season.

To win the Unity Cup, teams play a total of 10 games. The championship is decided by the final total points accumulated using a 5 point system for each game. For each game, 1 point is awarded for each period that is won, otherwise the point is split and 2 points are awarded for the win of the game and 1 point to each team in the event of a tie.

This year’s championship was decided by the final game that St. Stephen CES played against last year’s gold medal winners, St. Andrew CES.

“Going into the final game, St. Stephen had a 1 point lead in the standings and needed a decisive win, winning at least 2 periods for the championship,” said Tony Tata, Vice-Principal of St. Stephen CES. “Tensions were running high in the dressing room beforehand, as our players knew they were in for a competitive game but also understood that they were in a position of control in their drive for the title.”

In the first period, both teams came out hard, throwing everything they had at each other, generating chances at both ends of the rink, however both goalies made some tremendous saves to bring the first period to a 0 - 0 tie. The turning point of the game came about half way through the second period when St. Stephen scored three goals, and then another two in the third period to clinch the cup.

“Congratulations to our team members for their hard work, commitment and show of respect and sportsmanship,” said Tony Tata. “You made our St. Stephen community proud in the way that you carried yourselves. The coaching staff were proud to have had the opportunity to coach you, as your attitude and efforts made this season a rewarding experience for us as well.”

True to its name, the Unity Cup also included a friendly game, called the Character Game. The Character Game features two students from each team who best exemplified good sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the tournament.

The York Catholic District School Board thanks the organizers of the Unity Cup, Luigi Piccone, Vince Garofalo, and Rob Litrenta, for once again, bringing the schools together for this friendly competition.

Special thanks to the teachers, parent-coaches, and administrators for their much-appreciated support.