St. Paul team races cardboard boats at Skills Ontario competition

students pose with their cardboard boatEach year, students from across Ontario compete in regional cardboard boat races as part of the Skills Ontario competitions. A team from St. Paul Catholic Elementary School in Newmarket placed third in its regional competition, which allowed it to move on to the provincial finals, which were held in Waterloo on March 4, 2015.

Working in teams of four, the budding student-mariners used their creativity and engineering skills to design a boat out of just two large sheets of corrugated cardboard, glue, and a roll of masking tape. The teams then had to board their boat and paddle it across an Olympic-size swimming pool, as fast they can, without it sinking, to win the regatta.

What with design misadventures, boarding disasters, threats of capsizing, and hull disintegration, this event was full of excitement and fun, as all boats ultimately end up ‘on the bottom'.

Although the St. Paul team did not take home the win at the provincial competition, the students challenged their engineering skills, learned a lot and had a fun day at the races! Thanks to teachers Delvin Chomiak and Bill Sorochan whose guidance and tireless efforts brought the Newmarket team to the provincial competition.