St. Brigid students recognized for introspective fundraiser

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) recently recognized students at St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School in Stouffville at its monthly SEAC Board meeting.

St. Brigid CES offers the Intensive Support and Assessment Programs (ISA). At the SEAC meeting, the school’s ISA students presented their journey through a fundraising initiative that they led earlier in the school year that also encouraged their own numeracy, literacy, and self-advocacy skills.

The students involved with this project researched famous people with learning disabilities, discovered their own personal strengths, collected money from the school community, and tracked the funds raised as part of the initiative. In total, the students raised $500 for the Learning Disability Association of York Region (LDAYR). 

During the fundraising campaign, the ISA students not only raised money, but they also supported the LDAYR’s “Don’t dis my ability” campaign, which raises awareness about learning disabilities and promotes the many abilities that people with learning disabilities have. Overall, the St. Brigid ISA students were successful in raising money for a good cause, as well as raising awareness, hope, and confidence in their own leadership skills and unique and tremendous abilities!