MaxTech Team 4343 grateful for YRP's decommissioned bomb robot

St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School thanks the York Regional Police Emergency Response Unit for its recent donation of a decommissioned bomb robot to the school's robotics program.

York Regional Police Officers delivered the robot to the school on February 26, 2016, and demonstrated how the specialized bomb robot functions. Students from the school's robotics club also used the opportunity to show officers several of the robots they have designed and built from scratch, including one that they have entered in a robotics competition.

The students will continue to analyze the mechanisms used on the bomb robot and learn new ways they can build and design robots. It also gives them an opportunity to study real world robotic applications. The school's robotics team will use the decommissioned robot to learn how to engineer improvements to their own robots and further study camera-use on robots.

The students who participate in the school's robotics club, MaxTech Team 4343, were thrilled by the donated bomb robot.

"Through this wonderful donation, our school robotics program can learn so much more about complex designs and technology that professional engineers implement in their advanced field of work," said Gabriel Sanchez. "We can take apart this robot which was meant to eliminate violence from the community, and use it to learn about principles to benefit our own personal experience and also to benefit the level of quality when manufacturing robots in the future."

Student Alexander Lins said: "When I first saw the robot that the YRP donated, I was impressed. I thought we could easily use this robot to help prototype and develop new system for our school robots. I think it will also help persuade more students to join our robotics team."

Student, Mackenzie Valdez said: "the robot that was donated was about the same size at our team's robot. I was very excited to play with a robot that had a real world application. After playing with it all day, I love it. It's so easy to control and the cameras are amazing. I love that every aspect of the robot can be controlled individually."