Students, staff, community partners discuss impaired driving at St. Elizabeth Town Hall

Late last month, St. Elizabeth CHS students and staff gathered at the YCDSB Centre for the Arts to discuss impaired driving.  Joined by Officer Rob Ruffa, Staff Sergeant Dave Mitchell, and Sergeant Karen Hodge from York Regional Police, as well as Kathy Mitchell from MADD, the Thornhill school community participated in its first-ever Town Hall event.

Each of the esteemed guests shared their perspective and expertise on impaired driving and then students and teachers asked thought-provoking questions. Many good questions were addressed and students were challenged to "be that person," which is also the name of York Regional Police's new campaign against impaired driving. Students and teachers were called to speak up, take action, and be the person who can make a difference in preventing impaired driving.

St. Elizabeth CHS also presented a donation to MADD in support of the work it does.

Thanks to Ms. Sorbera's Grade 12 drama class which presented a dramatic reading of a poem on the effects of impaired driving at the Town Hall event. Thanks also go to the school's student council members, Doug Speare, Principal John Heinrich, and all of the teachers who brought their students to this event, for their support.

Following the event, students participated in a letter writing campaign sponsored by MADD to use their voices to changes laws around impaired driving.