Students explore technology; discuss digital discipleship at Student Ed Tech Day

On February 29, 2016, the York Catholic District School Board hosted a Student Ed Tech Day, at its Catholic Education Centre in Aurora, ON.

The Student Ed Tech Day supported students and teachers in the area of technology-enabled learning, thus allowing participants to take back what they learned to their individual schools and enhance learning there. Approximately 175 Grade 5-7 students from the Board's 89 elementary schools participated in the Student Ed Tech Day, along with teachers who are 21st Century Technology Leaders in their schools.

Motivational Speaker, Author, and TEDx Speaker, Blake Fly and Dave Anderson spoke to students about Digital Discipleship: Your Life Online. They encouraged students to always ask themselves three questions before posting anything online or on social media: is it true? Is it kind? Is it you? If a student answers no to any of these three questions, they were advised not to post it. Blake and Dave also spoke to students about their 'public (online) resume,' cyberbullying, and the need to be critical thinkers.

Students also participated in several workshops during the Student Ed Tech Day where they learned about coding; robotics; Google Draw, Read and Write; green screen movie-making; Lego Wedo; and other technologies, applications, software, and tools.

The York Catholic District School Board recognizes the importance of empowering students to become leaders in their school community in the area of digital discipleship and technology-enabled learning.