St. Gabriel the Archangel CES gives 64 goats to Tanzania communities

St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Elementary School in Woodbridge is proud to be a We School. This school year it decided that one of its We School – Free the Children global initiatives would be to participate in a fundraiser to support "Goats for Tanzania."

The entire school, led by its Luke 4:18 Social Justice Club; the We Committee, and Liturgical Committee, collaboratively set a goal of raising $250 so it could purchase a total of 5 goats, at $50 a goat. Thanks to the great effort of these groups which organized several 'festive spirit days' that students participated in, along with donations from the school's parent community for attending the primary grades Christmas concert, an outstanding $3,200 was raised!

As a result, a total of 64 goats where purchased for communities in Tanzania. Not baaaaaad at all!

For a family in a developing community, one goat can open a world of possibilities. A dairy goat means daily nutrition from milk. Selling milk means ongoing income to pay for school fees or medicine. Breeding goats can be an investment that will grow, and one day multiply into a herd.

Due to the timing of the school's donation, it was also able to participate in Free the Children's matching campaign, where the school's donation of $3,200 was matched, and contributions were made to other Free the Children projects --  that's double the impact!!!

64 Students holding 64 Goats...not baaaaad at all!