February is Psychology Month

February is Psychology Month.  Encouraging mental health and well-being is critical in our school communities. Psychology can be helpful as a self-help guide, to deal with small daily stressors, or during more difficult periods in our lives.

During the month of February, YCDSB's Psychological Services Staff will be hosting a few workshops to increase awareness about mental health and wellness.

Here are some special events/presentations taking place:

Journaling and Colouring: Creative Expression

Presented by: Dr. Giuliana Malvestuto-Filice and Katherine Curigliano

February 24, 2016 at St. Clare CES, Woodbridge

A creative and effective way to get to know yourself, process your thoughts and feelings, change the way you look at yourself, the world you live in, and create one's own calm reality.

Moving and Learning:  It's not just for gym class.  A discussion of the Impact Movement and Activity has on Learning

Presented by: Stephanie Wilson

February 24, 2016 at St. Clare CES, Woodbridge