Schools celebrate Family Literacy Day

In honour of Family Literacy Day on January 27, students and staff at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Elementary School in Vaughan celebrated books through a special “Book Character Day.”

Students and teachers alike, came to school dressed up as a character from a book they enjoyed reading. Family Literacy Day, which was first celebrated in 1999, encourages activities that promote reading and learning by the entire family. It communicates the important message that family literacy activities, like reading a book together, contribute to the development of good communication skills and future successes for children.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Elementary School also celebrated Family Literacy Day on January 27th, but with a twist; it focused on math literacy.

The Markham school held a “Family Math Literacy Evening” in its gym for its primary students and their parents. Sonia Racco, Math Consultant for the Board delivered a comprehensive overview of ways parents can foster their child’s success in mathematics. Parents were given an opportunity to learn about current numeracy practices and strategies that take place at school, and were provided with practical examples of how numeracy can be explored at home, in fun and interactive ways that encourage learning, motivation and perseverance.

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