St. Mary students Jump 2 Math

Math has become a central focus at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School in Nobleton this year. As teachers explore Math Talks and Math Groups, the students are developing their math skills and knowledge, as well as becoming more confidence in their ability to do math.

As part of the school's math initiative, it invited the Jump 2 Math program to the engage students in math in a fun and physical way. Staff, students, and parents alike enjoyed exploring math this way, and remarked that they had a great time.

"Research has shown that physical activity improves students' ability to learn and the Jump 2 Math program showed us just how true that is," said Sebastiano Romano, Vice-Principal. "The life-size games and activities gave our students the opportunity to literally see the math, get physical with it, and play with it. They discovered the patterns and found solutions on their own, and collaboratively in teams."

The Jump 2 Math program also provided the school with access to its website which is filled with more ideas to combine engaging math games into the school's math program.