Student Health Fair was both informative and fun

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Elementary School in Woodbridge recently held an informative and fun Health Fair, organized by its Grade 8 students.

Prior to the fair, the Grade 8 students worked in pairs to complete a research project based on a variety of healthy living topics, including vitamins, concussions, reading food labels, and more. Each pair created a display board, take-away activity sheets, a pamphlet or brochure, and a hands-on activity related to their topic. The day of the fair, student from Kindergarten to Grade 7 browsed the displays, tried the activities, and took away valuable information. Overall the Kindergarten to Grade 7 students enjoyed learning about and participating in the many healthy living events on display, while the Grade 8 students enjoyed sharing their knowledge.

“Healthy living helps us to develop an understanding of the many factors that contribute to healthy development, a sense of personal responsibility for lifelong health, and a respect for our own health in relation to the world around us,” said Shelby Totten, Teacher-Librarian. “We look forward to many future Health Fairs in the coming years.”