Brebeuf students using their smartphones in smart ways

St. Jean de Brebeuf students in the Grade 12 Computer and Information Science Class are no strangers when it comes to writing computer code.

For the past two years they have been learning how to code in different computer languages such as Java, VB.NET, and APPInventor, and have learned different programing styles and techniques following the industry standard software development lifecycle.

Recently, their skills were put to the test in the first ever St. Jean de Brebeuf AppInventor Robotics Challenge. Students were given the task of designing and developing a kid-friendly Android based app (application) using MIT’s AppInventor. The goal of the app was to control a mini robot via Bluetooth technology using a Graphical User Interface and voice commands.

Some students went a step further and took advantage of the smartphone’s multiple sensor capabilities and used the orientation sensor in the phone as a means for controlling the robot, which meant that with every tilt or movement of the phone, the robot would respond accordingly. Other students used their creativity and added features to their app such as solving mathematical equations to unlock features and functionality of the robot.

In the end, two groups were voted as winners of the challenge: congratulations to Marcella Hatmanu and Shahroze Hashmi, and Leonardo Gonzalez and Donya Oshana.

Many of the students in the Computer and Information Science Class plan to study computer science, engineering, and other related fields in information technology at various postsecondary institutions in the fall. We wish them all the best in their future technological endeavours!

All in all, the AppInventor Robotics Challenge was a great success and the Woodbridge school hopes to make it an annual tradition.