What will your beautiful hands do today?

As part of an anti-bullying activity, Carla Anibaldi, Teacher-Librarian at St. Veronica CES, read the book, Beautiful Hands by Kathryn Otoshi and Bret Baumgarten to each class at the Woodbridge school.  The uplifting book asks and answers the question, "What will your beautiful hands do today?"  Students then discussed and reflected on the power they possess to make changes and be positive influences to those around them.

As a culminating activity, Ms. Anibaldi with the help of Sandra Castiota, Grade 7 Teacher, coordinated the creation of a 'Beautiful Hands' tree mural in the school's main lobby.  The leaves were made from the handprints of every student and staff member at St. Veronica CES.  The beautiful mural serves as an inspiration and reminder of the power each one of us possess to do beautiful acts and deeds.